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Valvecaster 1960
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RN-Chevy Series

Only 100 will be made!

Dual Valve Teleknobic Preampulator
We have to say, this is one of the most aesthetically beautiful pieces of gear we've ever seen (very hard to convey with a squished web pic).  We also know it is difficult to justify 120 bones on something that you can't really gate a kick with, or fatten up a sterile vocal track, or add a little shimmer to a perfectly aged Martin acoustic, but there's probably not much gear at that price we would want to run our signal through anyway.  You could buy a couple of mic stands or an awesome mic cable or massive amounts of  board tape or 100 Sharpie pens, stuff that is needed but holds no extreme pleasure in its ownership.

On the other hand, as the first prototype began to take shape, we were blown away.  What was once a mental vision, was now becoming a very awesome thing, many times what we had expected.  The Koa was unreal!  The Sound Activation (Analogmic Needlator) and sensitivity adjustment were perfect!  The Tele knobs were sweet and solid.  The text, which is silk-screened onto the Koa and made with a clear ink mixed with a Bronze Dust/Powder, looked excellent.  The text, by the way, (TEXT 1 - TEXT 2) was one of the hardest decisions...  It was a crime to start covering up the beautiful grain personality of the Koa, so we opted for a gold/bronze text that cuts through perfectly in certain lighting/certain angles, and appears almost transparent in others, letting the wood show its beauty.  Very unintrusive.

THE WOOD:   Grown only in Hawaii, Koa is a very color dynamic hardwood.  Every piece has its own gift of grain and color... some a dark sweeping wave similar to Walnut... some a medium ripple, light golden brown... and others a deep, rich, reddish tight grain.  Plus, everything in-between.  Each one is truly unique and extremely beautiful.

(A few words about "Deforestation" and "Endangered Species")
THE KNOBS:   After an intensive search, we found them!  60's Style Fender Telecaster knobs, made from solid brass and coated in Real Gold (somewhere between 0.5 & 24 Carat...we're not exactly sure).  These are the classic "flat-top" design with a medium knurl perimeter--very solid and rather shiny.
THE SOUND ACTIVATION (SPLAMP):   We started with a high-quality, bezel mount Hoyt ST-315 Analog VU meter illuminated with a classic amber bulb, and then added the SPLAMP (Sound Pressure Level Activated Meter Processor); this is our own design, specifically filtered to give us the needle response we were looking for. On high sensitivity, you can stand across a large room, talk normally, and watch the dynamics of the needle bounce in rhythm. If you start to really thump your "mains" for that last listen before mixdown, just grab the left Gold Tele Knob and dial it in a bit lower--it's right back where it should be...

Quality, though, definitely did not come cheap.  Good Koa was difficult to find...the price of the meter alone was brutal.  We decided to make only 100 of the fully blown VC1960's with the Koa, Real Meter, Sound Activation, etc.
As you probably know, we are a fairly twisted company that just loves the smell, taste?, sound and aesthetics of gear--not to mention just doing weird stuff.  When we racked in the first VC proto and hit the power switch, it was a done deal.  It had to be made.  The needle was bouncing in rhythm, the Koa was rich in depth, the bronze text sparkled with life...it was awesome!  It is now the first thing we look at when entering the studio and the last before turning off the lights.  If you want a very cool and beautiful piece of gear to add to your collection, this is it...by far!  It will become one of your favorites.
So, that's the story of the Valvecaster 1960 and why it exists.  We had to do it!