Funk Logic | VRT-Blank Vertical Mount Panel

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It seems sort of funny that when Funk Logic was started the sole intent was to beautify empty rack spaces with fake meters, knobs, lights, etc.... something more than just a flat, featureless, black metal panel. Ahem... we give you the VRT-Black... a flat, featureless, black metal panel!

You see, it's not entirely without merit: (a) It may allow the user, you, to possibly do a home-brew retrofit job on another 1/3 rack-width piece of gear you may own; (b) Given the nature and aesthetics of the VRT System, it just seemed to be the best way to go.

(Plus, we had to find something to talk about above, in all that empty space... the thing is just a flat metal filler panel. There's not much else you can really say).

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