Funk Logic | Cocobolo Blanks

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(12 spaces of alternating 1 & 2 space models)

An amazing way to accent your rack!

Cocobolo is a Central American Hardwood with extremely vibrant color and grain properties.  Deep reds, rich browns, swirls of yellow and black, knots and other globulars, make this truly one of the most beautiful woods in the world.

We hand selected absolutely prime Cocobolo, which was then cut into 1 and 2 space panels, fine sanded, lacquer finished and finally laser engraved with our logo.  The logo is intentionally very discrete and visible only with certain lighting angles (approx. 2/1000 of an inch deep)--it looks very cool, actually...


Retail List Price:

1 Space Panel ... $49.95

2 Space Panel ... $59.95




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