Deforestation and Endangered Species
This is a major problem! There are countless species of trees, plants, animals, and indigenous peoples worldwide that are vanishing on a regular basis, all attributable to the ignorance and lack of concern by us, the homo sapiens of planet earth.

We put some serious thought into the whole situation before deciding to produce the limited runs (about 2 trees) of Koa and Cocobolo panels. Both the Hawaiian Koa and Central American Cocobolo hardwoods we used for the Valvecaster 1960 and the Exotic Blanks, respectively, are not the most readily available woods in the worlds, and there is concern over their future at some point, if something is not done to protect them.

Funk Logic is based seconds from the Pacific Ocean coastline, and the concept of the company was literally born in the water, while waiting for the next set of waves to roll in. The first, and many subsequent FL products have been designed in the sand with a stick. Individually, we care and do a great deal for our environment, probably more than many companies out there, simply due to our love of the ocean and the beauty of mom earth. At the same time, in every single studio around the word, there undoubtedly exists one or more pieces of gear that contain certain parts, whose manufacturing process had an adverse impact on the environment. Tubes, plastics, solder, wood, and dozens of other materials that pump millions of units per month of toxic goo into the oceans, rivers and atmosphere.

At some point, you have to draw a line and do what you can while living life and enjoying the beauty of things. Thus, when we made the decision produce the VC1960 and Cocobolo Blanks, we promised ONE RUN ONLY, and in very small quantities... about 1 tree's worth each, and that would be it, forever. We're not fanatics, nor do we blatantly hack away at bugs and trees and amoebae and kelp, etc..

If you have devoted your daily life to nothing but protecting Earth's endangered species, and Earth, in general, that is a very noble path and you have our complete respect and admiration!.

For the record, all of our products are manufactured either by us directly or local machine shops within 0 to 100 miles of our facility, within Southern California, which has some of the most stringent ecological and environmental guidelines in the world. We do not farm out to other countries that have little or no environmental regulations, despite the fact that it would be 1/4 of the cost to manufacture. There are not many companies who can say that. We do what we can, we are who we are and we love planet Earth and far beyond...

With great respect,

FL - :)