Funk Who?

Our Design Team...

Our highly skilled team of creative designers are provided the best environment possible. Conditions must accommodate the health and natural behavior of the designer, providing access to shade, shelter, exercise areas, fresh air, and direct sunlight suitable to the designer’s stage of production. No hormones or antibiotics are administered.

Our Philosophy...

Oh the world of gear. Knobs, lights, meters, jacks, current, db's, all of it.  There's just something unique about being a musician and opening a box containing a new toy.  Carefully we throw the unopened manuals and foam pack across the room while continuing to peel away that last bit of protective plastic wrapping.  No fingerprints, no dust, the scent of fresh solder, mmmm.  We rack it in next to our formerly new gear and just stand back for a moment and soak in the's a beautiful thing.

Ultimately, the final mix is what it's all about.  But, if you can peer around the studio for a second while trying to gate out an obnoxious snare overtone, glance over to your majestic wall of gear and maybe get a chuckle or two, it makes the whole process even cooler--and sometimes a bit less monotonous.

For commercial recording facilities, especially in this digital age, you know how vital aesthetics are to business.  "Is that all of the outboard gear you have?  Thanks."  "Wait...come haven't even heard our Mix Demo yet.."

This is where we come in.  For not much more than a bag of Avocados, or a decent car wash (with new gear smell air freshener), or 2/3 of a typical toaster, you can start fattening up your wall of knobs and buttons and almost certainly eek out a grin in the process.  It might even help to win over those gear hungry customers...who knows.

We make sure that all of our products are extremely well crafted, very nice to look at, and say some really, really stupid things (but with subtle industry relevance).

We just love to make weird stuff and have many, many crazy new products in development for this year... tiny stuff, big stuff, even medium stuff, and some of it just stuff.

The bottom line... if you're reading this, you're probably alive - HAVE FUN!