Funk Logic | Mastererizer Plug-In

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Over the years, we've had a great number of requests to produce an audio plug-in that "keeps with our style" and way of doing things. Well, here it is!

In April, 2002, we had the great honor of working in partnership with the incredibly talented, innovative and very cool folk over at The Bombfactory. The MASTERERIZER is the fruit of our efforts. It was initially a very usable, free, April Fools Day joke, but caught on, we guess, and has now ended up in Digidesign's amazing domain

Though much of our product line does little more than "look functional", THE MASTERERIZER is, in fact, a REAL, working audio plug-in! Sort of.

Not only do the "UV" Meters work, but all of the Knobs and Switches DO affect the quality of the audio in different ways... (whether it's for better or for "not so better", who are we to say--Distortion, Scratchy Pots, Hiss, Clipping, it's all there! Can you live without it?

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