Troubleshooting the Installation of an RNC / RNP / RNLA in any of the VRT, NCC, FRT, LARC and LARP series units.

Having trouble removing the RNLA knobs?
Solution: Per FMR Audio , the knobs on the RNLA's are a bit more snug than those on the RNC's. To most efficiently remove them for mounting in one of our units, use a flathead screwdriver to lever them off from the base, making sure to protect the surface of the unit with a piece of paper (or other thin material) from being scratched by the screwdriver..

Button Extensions not fitting or working properly?
If you are experiencing any sticking or inadvertent activation of the "Supernice" or "Bypass" buttons on the RNC ("Phantom" or "Invert", on the RNP), make sure the black button extensions can move freely within the counter-bored holes in our front panel. If there is any friction, they may stick slightly, as the button spring on RNC/RNP tries to push it back out. To avoid any wiggle in the extensions, it is necessary for us to maintain a very finite amount of airspace between the extension and the hole in the panel (.005", or less). In high humidity, the plastic button extensions can swell ever so slightly, and create friction.

Simply use a needle file or micro piece of sandpaper wrapped around a nail, etc., to GINGERLY enlarge the holes in the front panel, for the button extensions. BE CAREFUL!! IT WILL ONLY TAKE A FEW PASSES to enlarge them another thousandth of an inch, to eliminate friction! You don't want them too big, or the button may get excessive wiggle.

Problem: Are your LED's not lineup properly?
If the LED's in the FMR unit are slightly vertically offset, it is probably due to the rubber feet on the rear of the unit. FMR shifted the potentiometers back into the unit, which no longer allowed the pot shafts to lock into our front panel. This is no big deal, as the below tweaks will solve any lineup issues, if necessary. As there are still a great number of the older RNC's out there, we cannot modify our front panel to accommodate just the new ones. Do this:

If the LED's are too high, move the 2 rear rubber feet out of the aluminum channel, and up onto the adjacent aluminum ridge--this will raise the rear of the unit slightly, lowering the front, thus the LED's.

If the LED's are too low, respective to the front panel holes, try a shim underneath the 2 front rubber feet with a 1/32" thick piece of "something", or you can also shim underneath the front gray plastic rim of the unit.

If the LED's in the FMR unit are laterally offset, loosen the black anchor bolt (bottom center of tray), and shift the unit Left/Right until it lines up... carefully re-tighten, maintaining alignment.

Problem:  Having problems tightening the RNP knob set srews?
Solution: The newer aluminum knobs that now come with the RNP's have a slightly long interior shaft, sometimes making it cumbersome to tighten the set screws. Simply use a light grade sandpaper and sand about 1/16" off the bottom of both knobs (which we prefer, aesthetically and physically) so the set screw will grasp the shaft. Easy stuff.