Funk Logic | Chevy Rack Tray for Two FMR Audio RNC1773 Compressors

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RN-Chevy Rack Tray

2-Space Rack Tray for Two FMR Audio RNC1773 Compressors


1. Pull off knobs
2. Insert button extension
3. Slide in the RNC
4. Screw in the bottom bolt
5. Push back on the knobs

Cool little Button Extensions allow full on/off control for "Super Nice" and "Bypass" modes

Counter-sunk holes allow excellent "off-center" viewing of the LED's

* Clear Anodized Aluminum Front Panel
* Deep Red Silk Screened Front Text
* Zinc Plated RNC Mounting Tray (pre-assembled)
* Super Nice/ Bypass Button Extensions
* Mounting Bolts
Other Accessories:
FK-1 FILLER KIT: If you have only 1 RNC and want to fill the other side of the front panel with knobs & goodies (to look like a 2nd RNC), this will do it.

5 Black Face Knobs
5 Plug Shaft Assemblies
2 Button Extensions
(rear of RN-Chevy Panel)
(Works on the RN-Chevy, NCC-1701 & FRT-8373 panels)

Funk Logic extends a sincere thanks to Mark/Beth McQuilken at FMR and "The Fatman" for your great products and killer feedback!

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