Funk Logic® Palindrometer™ 101

1U blank panel with stuff on it.

  • Makes more fun, units of one
  • Extremely realistic, knob-turning, silky-smoothness thing
  • Lights up if you plug a mini-USB phone charger into it
  • Exciting new platform for DIY YouTube posts

Funk Logic® Palindrometer™ 202

2U blank panel with stuff all over it.

  • Obscures from view, gaps of two
  • Nearly twice the height of the Palindrometer™101
  • Lights up if you plug a mini-USB phone charger into it
  • Offers extraordinary potential for TikTok unboxing videos

Funk Logic® Palindrometer™ 303

3U blank panel with three colors of paint and switches and knobs all over it.

  • Fills with glee, spaces of three
  • Weighs almost 33% more than the Palindrometer™ 202
  • Lights up if you plug a mini-USB phone charger into it
  • Fungible!

Funk Logic® Palindrometer™ 505

Lighten your lunchbox and give those sketchy 500-series power supplies some extra headroom.

  • Imbues with pride, gaps inch and a half wide
  • Dual mounting holes
  • Extraordinary power efficiency
  • Generates no heat
  • 90% waterproof
  • All-passive design featuring genuine Swarovski® crystal
  • Might actually make other gear in the rack sound better

Funk Logic® Palindrometer™ Executive Edition

The ultimate desk accessory. Limited edition. Website exclusive.

Includes a Palindrometer™ 303, color-matched FLUBAR™ desk bracket, power supply, white glove assembly, and the white glove.

Ideal for:

  • MBAs with surfboards mounted to the wall behind their desk (you know the type)
  • Contriving culture fit while interviewing job candidates
  • Avoiding your obligations to shareholders
  • Quieting intrusive thoughts
  • Elon