Funk Logic® Micro USB Wall Charger

Add electrons to the Palindrometer™ 101, 202 or 303 for possible conversion to photons.

Funk Logic® “Universal” Bent Aluminum Rod

Leverage the FLUBAR™ to liberate your Palindrometer™ 303 from the confines of a 19-inch rack.

  • “Universal” design only fits Palindrometer™ 303
  • Color matched – comically over-engineered
  • Four adorable rubber feets
  • Durometer 60A hardness
  • Rack screws included

Funk Logic® Button Extenders

For our FMR/RNC/RNLP/FRT/NCC front panel assemblies.

  • Mysteriously disappearing from second-hand eBay purchases for over two decades
  • Any color you want so long as it's black
  • McMaster-Carr is the most awesome site on the web – doesn't stock 'em!
  • We have a stash... order the quantity you need (4 or 6 depending on unit)