Frequently Asked Questions

What about other Funk Logic® products?

We've got our hands full with Palindrometers at the moment. But something green and something red would look great on the products page (hmm...) Please join the mailing list for updates!

Got any of those little button extenders for my FMR/RNC/RNLP/FRT/NCC panel?

You can order here.

Do you still manufacture racks for FMR Audio compressors and limiters?

A few years back, our friends at FMR Audio changed their panel layouts. Given the tremendous popularity of their products, this creates the potential for after-market confusion of a kind not seen since the 1970s Hot Rod era. But we're working on it.

When will Funk Logic® enter the metaverse?

We knocked but they wouldn't let us in.
rise to vote, sir

Still Need Help?

Email [email protected] and we'll supply all the funk you need.